A bit about Pratap ~

I’m a full-stack data science engineer from India. I build interfaces, to help people tell stories using technology and data.

I’m a principal data scientist at Khan Academy and creator of Stats of India

These days I mostly work with Python, R, JavaScript, SQL and other tools to work with data.

To get in touch with me see contact.


I spend most of my time with data, code & stories. Some of my work is here and twitter. If you’d like to discuss about my work or have similar ideas to exchange, send an email. I’d love to collaborate.


I try to regularly speak at few events on data. Here’s a list of my previous talks.


I used to publish in academic journals. This was mostly in collaboration with Indian Statistical Institute (ISI). You could read them Google Scholar.

Brief History

till 2007

I was born, schooled in Hyderabad. I was average in academics, particularly enjoyed math, physics and struggled with languages.

2007 - 2011

I joined NIT, Bhopal to study electronics engineering. I probably did very little of that. I mostly stayed back, learned about electrical circuits, or ended up playing cricket/basketball for most of my time here. By the time, I left college, I could at best write code in Matlab. Last 2 years of college, I found myself mostly working the professors at Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore – solving problems related to Signal processing, Image processing and Math. And, met my wife in the college.

2011 - 2014

While I continued working with ISI and published some of my work. I joined Indian Institute of Sciences (IISc), Bangalore, to solve problems related to Computer Vision. Later, I moved to Thomson Reuters, Mumbai, to help companies create value out of intellectual property. I particularly didn’t enjoy the time I spent in Mumbai trains. But, I managed to pick up Python, R, JavaScript etc to work with data.

2014 - 2016

After stumbling on some of early Gramener’s work on Mahabharata. I sent my re-creation to to S Anand. We talked and I joined his team, where I built data solutions for companies including Airbus, Novartis, News18 and Govt of India.

2016 - 2017

Wanting to try something new. I helped build data engineering team at GrabOn, a start-up in coupon space. Then moved to Bodhtree to head the Analytics Asia practice.

2017 - 2021

I joined back Gramener, to build data products to tell stories. I had moved to Princeton during this time.

2021 - Present

Back to India. I’m working with Khan Academy, to make better decisions with data to improve learner outcomes. And, building Stats of India