Work 👨‍💻

I help build products, libraries and tools to make sense of data. In my work, I

  • talk to people to identify problems, data sources and outcomes
  • clean, analyze and communicate insights from data
  • identify technology, algorithms and frameworks to solve problems
  • develop and deploy machine learning models
  • automate patterns of insights and product-ize reusable components
  • build scalable data applications

and I use

  • Python, R, SQL for data (analysis, engineering)
  • JavaScript (interactive web applications)
  • Stats, Machine Learning, Visual Storytelling

I leverage and contribute to open-source projects. You can find my OSS work at

Interactives 📈

I build data interactives to tell stories from insights. Here’s some of the recent ones.

To be updated …

Media 📰

Some of my work gets mentioned in the media. I also write data driven articles sometimes.

See media

Talks 💬

Here’s a list of my previous talks.

Publications 📔

Some of my work is publish in academic journals. You can see them on google scholar.

Datasets 📈

Some useful datasets I helped publish.

Few other projects 🛠️