DeOldify: Colorize old photos

DeOldify: Colorize old photos
15. Aug 2020
1 minute read

As India celebrates 74th Independence Day, I attempted to colorize few photos from the 1940-50’s period.

This is colorized photo from 15 August 1947 of Indian Flag hoisted at Chandni Chowk in New Delhi on Independence Day. (Original B&W photo).

1947 Chandni Chowk

The second photo I colorized was originally taken in 1948 by Homai Vyarawalla (Dalda 13) of Independent India’s first Cabinet. Here’s a colorized photo with Jawaharlal Nehru with Sardar Patel, Rajaji, BR Ambedkar, Maulana Azad, Syama Mukherjee, Jagjivan Ram, Amrit Kaur, Matthai, Rafi Kidwai and Baldev Singh among others.



This was possible by Jason Antic’s work with DeOldify, is a deep learning based project for colorizing and restoring old images.

If you’re interested in colorizing and restoring old Indian images, do reach out. :-)