Recent Evolution of India's Lower Judiciary

Recent Evolution of India's Lower Judiciary
27. Mar 2021
1 minute read

Cases are being decided faster in Indian lower courts but at the same time case load is increasing too.

When we look at the data of 38 million cases filed between 2013-2016 in lower courts, we can see.

  • % of cases being decided within 2 years has improved in UP, Bihar & Chhattisgarh
  • But cases filed per 1L population has > doubled in Kerala, Haryana, UP, Delhi and few others

NCR: Increasing case loads

States around the NCR region are seeing increase in cases being filed, and % of cases decided within 2 years is getting plateaued around 80%

Interesting to see, how Punjab and Haryana had similar case loads in 2013, but quickly diverge thereafter


South: Kerala, Karnataka race off

Among the southern states, cases filed per capita in Karnataka and Kerala have 2x and 3x compared to other southern states.

Tamil Nadu jumped from 49% to 64%, in % of cases being decided within 2 years.


This work was possible by the release of 80 million cases of Indian lower court cases from 2010–2018 by the devdatalab team.

Here’s an interactive version you can explore.

If you have any other perspectives you’d like us to explore from data, shoot me an email.

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