• 2021
  • 10. Mar 2021 Using Django in Jupyter Notebook
  • To explore your Django models in Jupyter Notebook, you can use the following setup. Install django-extensions pip install django-extensions Include django-extensions in your settings INSTALLED_APPS

  • 2020
  • 09. Aug 2020 Compare ImageNet CNN architectures
  • Last week, I released a beginner’s utility to compare classification results from SotA Convolutional Neural Network architectures. Motivation for the tool was to enable beginners and non-program

  • 2019
  • 04. Sep 2019 Bar Chart Race in Python with Matplotlib
  • ~In roughly less than 50 lines of code Republished on towardsdatascience Bar chart races have been around for a while. This year, they took social media by storm. It began with Matt Navarra’s tw